Your Registration will only be confirmed once you have settled the required registration fees by online payment or at the LMTA office before March 6 - [DOWNLOAD MAP OF LMTA OFFICE] [GOOGLE MAP]

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You can choose one of four participation options in this Spring 2015 Thru-Walk: (see calendar)

A. Thru-Walk (30 nights - 31 days, April 3 - May 3)
B. Long week end
 (3 days and 3 overnights, April                        3-6 / 10-13 / April 30 - May 3)

C. Weekend Hike (2 days and 2 overnights, April 17-19 /              24-26)

D. Sectional Hike (1 day and 1 overnight or more)

Please choose your preferred hiking dates, if you choose to join other than the week ends, you need to specify the excat date / timing of arrival (for exact dates, please refer to the above calendar - click save as and open the file)*
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The LMT Association is allowed to accept or decline any submitted form.
Please note that the LMTA reserves the right to cancel any section or changes in the schedule
due to weather or security reasons. 
You will be notified if the chosen dates have been saturated.