Water Awareness on the Lebanon Mountain Trail (WAT)                     


 2 years (October 2012 – September 2014)

Funded by

 USAID Lebanon


 179,663.00 $

Target group

 Local communities, municipalities, schools, LMT guides, LMT hikers


 Water Establishments, Municipalities, Tour Operators      



Building on the success of the Lebanon Mountain Trail (LMT) project (2005-2008) and the momentum generated by the Lebanon Mountain Trail Association (LMTA) (2007-Present), LMTA developed a project aimed at water awareness and conservation, “Water Awareness on the LMT – WAT”. In September 2012, USAID awarded the LMTA a two-year Cooperative Agreement (CA), in the amount of $179,663.00 for the implementation of the WAT project.

Based on the preliminary field work of the LMTA team, the following threats on mountain springs were identified:

  • Urbanization and uncontrolled construction;
  • Illegal water pumping;
  • Mismanagement of public water infrastructures;
  • Excessive irrigation and grazing.



The objective of WAT is to protect Lebanon’s mountain springs through the development of a database of mountain springs near the LMT, the sensitization of local communities and hikers for the protection of springs, and the education of school students on water issues, in order to promote water awareness and behavior change.




    1.  Survey and Catalogue Important Springs along the LMT (around 75 springs)

• The first water sampling and testing campaign was conducted in October 2013. A second campaign will be conducted in spring 2014.


   2. Conduct Water Knowledge Surveys

• The results of the KAP survey (Knowledge Attitudes Practices) targeting farmers, households, students, and hikers, will be disseminated in the first quarter of 2014.


   3. Facilitate a Water Dialogue with Key Water Stakeholders

• Three water dialogues were organized in Ain Zhalta, Kfardebian, and Rachaiya. Additional nine dialogue sessions will be organized in 2014.

• A water awareness leaflet will be produced and distributed in the second quarter of 2014.


   4.  Promote Water Awareness in Schools

• The water education module is under preparation and will be promoted in private and public schools

• Thematic youth walks for 500 students from public and private schools will be organized in spring 2014.


   5. Sensitize Hikers and Visitors on the LMT to the Cutlural and Historical Value of Springs

• Information about water springs will be included in the new version of the LMT guide.


   6. Organize Water Day Activities

• Two water day events were organized in Ain Zhalta on the occasion of the International Water Day, and in Kfardebian on the occasion of the World Tourism Day. Four events will be organized in 2014.