Baskinta Literary Trail

     Baskinta Literary Trail

Baskinta Literary Trail (BLT)
The BLT is a novel idea with something for everyone! The trail, 24-km long, invites you to discover 22 literary landmarks related to several acclaimed poets and novelists from the region including Mikhail Naimy, Amin Maalouf, Abdallah Ghanem, Suleiman Kettaneh, Rachid Ayoub and Georges Ghanem.  You can start your hike at any of the designated entry points on the BLT, clearly indicated on the map and marked on the trail with information panels, and spend two or three days in Baskinta and the nearby villages of Ain el Qabou, Kfar Aqab, Wadi el Karm, and Boqaatat Kenaan. We encourage you to discover the trail with a trained local guide.

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The Baskinta Literary Trail starts and ends at el Chakhroub in front of the Memorial Garden of Mikhail Naimy at the heights of Baskinta, as well as at Saydet el Niyah convent in Bqaatouta. It extends on more than 26km passing thru Baskinta, Ain el Qabou, El Machraa, Kfar Aqab, Ouadi el Karm, Kfartay, Beqaatet Kenaan, and Bqaatouta. The most famous part is between el Chakhroub and Baskinta town, it extends on 7km passing by the summer home of Mikhail Naimy, Roman inscription, Cave of Sayf el Dawla, Sleiman Kettaneh family home, Saydet el Khalleh church and Abdallah Ghanem cultural center.

Please note that this segment is not yet marked, soon it will be blazed with Marigold (moutarde) purple and white color. Information panels and directional signs have been installed in 2008.  

To start your walk from el Chakhroub, drive from Baskinta main square around 7km toward the east on the road leading to Nabaa Sannine, once you are in front of Mikhail Naimy Memorial Garden (same place of the sculpture and tomb), you have to  start the walk downward on the same paved road you drove, you may find some blazes, after walking 600m you have to turn left and take a descending dirt road,  walk around 3km and take a path to the left before a small hill lake next to a house, continue following the marks untill you reach an old paved road, walk downward and again take another turn right on a dirt road to reach the Roman inscription, stay on the main dirt road cross a concrete bridge and start an easy climb, at 4.5km from the start you have to continue descending on the same dirt road and leaving a climbing marked road to the left, take a look at the cave of Sayf el Dawla, later and once you visit el Khalle chrurch and Suleiman Kettaneh house walk back few meters and take a dirt road to the right next to the info panel which will be on your right side (coming from the church way). Walk few meters than follow a footpath passing next to a ruined house (to the right), continue descending to the valley, cross the stream and start your climb to Abdallah Ghanem cultural center on a foot path, you will have to count 20-30 minute steep ascent to reach the center.

     Recommended Books:

Mikhail Naimy

Book of Mirad (1948)
Sab'oun (1959, 1960)
The Memoirs of a Vagrant Soul (1948)

Amin Maalouf

The Rock of Tanios (1993)
The Crusades through Arab Eyes (1986)
Origines (1988)

Abdallah Ghanem

Al Aandalib (1939) - in Arabic only
Fawk Al Dabab (1965) - in Arabic only
Jabal Al Noussak (1946) - in Arabic only

George Ghanem

Maraya Ghoubar (1982) - in Arabic only
Atin Bila Riyah (1973) - in Arabic only
Nida’ Al Ba’id (1957) - in Arabic only

Suleiman Kettaneh

Yassou’ Abad el Insan - in Arabic only
Al Jouzour (1985) - in Arabic only

     Useful Contacts:
Mymouné cottage produce - Tel: 04 522 403
Georges Aroyan Painting Workshop - Tel: 03 103 403
Municipality of Baskinta - Tel: 04 288 293
Municipality of Kfar Aqab - Tel: 04 280 188