ECODIT / www.ecodit.com

ECODIT, a firm providing water, energy, environmental, and local development technical assistance and consulting services worldwide, conceived of, designed and implemented the LMT project with grant funding from the American people under a two-year Cooperative Agreement with USAID Lebanon.  As part of the LMT project (Dec. 2005 – March 2008), ECODIT helped establish the LMT Association to ensure the long-term sustainability of the trail for generations to come.

Since the end of the LMT project, ECODIT has continued to provide financial assistance and technical support worth hundreds of hours of expert input and advice to the LMT Association.  Examples of ECODIT’s ongoing support include on-the-job coaching and mentoring of the LMT Association staff; support for national, regional and international networking, proposal writing, and fund-raising; full sponsorship of the revamped LMT website; gold sponsorship of the coffee-table book about the LMT by Hana El-Hibri; and brainstorming and technical assistance for the organization of major events, including the August 2009 annual reception and the 2009 and 2010 thru-walks.  ECODIT Liban hosts the LMT Association in its offices in Baabda, Lebanon.


Thank you, ECODIT!
The LMT Association



MAISON DU SKI / www.maisonduski.net

MAISON DU SKI Bike & Outdoor started its operation in 1983 with a small retail location in Kfardebian, in the heart of Lebanese mountain. this small retail shop gained rapidly reputation and became a major player in the skiing industry in Lebanon. In 1985, Maison Du Ski Bike & Outdoor relocated into a bigger outlet on the main gate to the two most famous ski resorts (Mzaar Kfardebian and Faqra Kfardebian). 

Maison du Ski Bike & Outdoor activities aren’t limited to Ski sports only but they overpass it to reach almost every kind of sports that could be practiced in Lebanon. The company’s love for outdoor sports has made of it one of the important organizers of several trekking events that took place in Lebanese Highest Mountains. As for biking and due to the fact that MDS deals with SCOTT  brand in Lebanon , MDS was the sponsor of the three times Lebanese Junior champions, without forgetting to mention the collaboration with several outdoor adventure clubs in Lebanon.

Thank you, MAISON DU SKI!
The LMT Association


ECOCONSULTING / www.ecoconsulting.net

ECOCONSULTING is a sustainability consultancy with a focus on reworking the relationship between households, industries, businesses and the environment through greater energy-efficiency, better resource use, and healthier solutions.


They specialize in eco-building and they offer advice on bioclimatic design, eco-friendly materials, renewable energy, thermal modeling, daylighting, Carbon Footprint analysis, Corporate Environmental Policy, environmental education, and environmental awareness campaigns. Details about their services, clients, and featured projects can be found on their website at www.ecoconsulting.net



The LMT Association


DAR AL-HANDASAH / dar.dargroup.com

DAR AL-HANDASAH (Shair and Partners) has served for over 50 years, the public and private sectors, working on projects with a total investment of $290 billion. Today, they count 8,800 staff members operating across 40 offices in the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and Europe, of which five principal design centers in Beirut, Cairo, London, Pune, and Amman. Dar has consistently ranked among the world’s top 10 engineering and architectural global consultancies for over 25 years.



The LMT Association



CAPITAL INSURANCE AND RESINSURANCE has started in 1987. It’s a company that can easily and professionally provide security and proficiency. They built their reputation with years and exceptional relationship with their clients; they committed to provide the Lebanese market with all tailored insurance products that meet their needs in terms of premium, cover, security and services. Offering efficient, on the spot services and prompt settlements of claims through its wide network of branches and agencies. Their aims are to enhance and maximize the quality of services already provided by our acquaintance and partner BBAC Bank s.a.l by using the experience and know-how. All business will be professionally adequate training regarding new underwritten.


Thank you, CAPITAL!

The LMT Association


FP 7 / www.fp7.com

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away (Beirut), a handsome prince (Akram Miknas) started a company called Promoseven. Sleeping princesses were kissed. Magic beans were liberally scattered. In the course of his many travels, he teamed up with a friendly giant (The McCann Global Network) who lifted the young prince on its mighty shoulders. Together, the two had many merry adventures, building an empire with branches in 16 MENA cities. In 2011, he passed the reigns to his son, the slightly less handsome but nonetheless very passionate Tarek Miknas, who now finds himself in the enviable position of ensuring FP7's "happily ever after”. Storybook endings are hard to come by. Storybook beginnings are even more so. The good news is that the heart and soul of FP7 is and forever will remain entrenched in Middle Eastern identity.


Thank you, FP7!

The LMT Association


SCIENCE & INK / www.scienceandink.org

SCIENCE AND INK is a young start-up company founded in 2014 by two sisters, after they returned from the United States to their beloved homeland, Lebanon.

They are a communications company committed to provide the highest quality writing, editing and translation services. Their services cover three key disciplines: Pharma & Biotech, Environment & Sustainability, and Business & Economics. The team consists of language experts (language PhDs and certified translators) and topic experts (PhDs, MBAs and MD.s with international credentials), that can address all technical writing aspects, including graphic design and formatting of publications. 

Thank you, Science & Ink!

The LMT Association