Biking on the LMT

The Lebanon Mountain Trail is divided into 27 sections including section 0 (Andqet-Qobayat), some of which are bike-friendly and include agricultural dirt roads.If you are interested in biking, then you will enjoy the following sections:

Details of Biking path

Section 0: Andqet-Qbayat:

Section 1 : Qbaiyat - Tachea

4-km of dirt road from the start to Saint Elias convent

8-km dirt road from Harf Akar to nabeh el Shouh

Section 2 : Tachea - Qemmamine 19-km dirt road from the Qammoua plateau to Qemmamine
Section 8 : Becharre - Hasroun A segment of dirt road that stretches for 11 km from the cedars plateau to Hasroun
Section 9 : Hasroun - Tannourine 9-km dirt road from Hasroun to the Tannourine Cedar Reserve
Section 10 : Tannourine El Faouqa - Aaqoura 3-km dirt road in Marj Rima plain
Section 11 : Aaqoura - Afqa 15-km dirt road from Aqoura highlands to Afqa 3-km dirt road from Al Hosn area near La Reserve camp 9-km dirt road from Aqoura village via Roueiss to La Reserve
Section 12 : Afqa - Hrajel 10-km dirt road from Afqa cave to Nabeh el Hadid
Section 13 : Hrajel - Kfar Aaqab 4-km paved road from Mount Smash to the Qanater area
Section 15 : Baskinta - Mtain 5-km dirt road from Saydet el Khalleh area to the Manboukh
Section 16 : Mtain - Falougha 4-km dirt road from Mtein Square to Mchikha 6-km dirt road through the pine forest from Qornayel to Falougha
Section 17 : Falougha - Aain Zhalta This section stretches for 20 km and is entirely bike friendly.
Section 18 : Aain Zhalta - Barouk This section stretches for 22 km and is entirely bike friendly.
Section 20 : Maasser - Niha 8-km dirt road from Niha Square to Niha Fort passing by Nabi Ayoub Shrine
Section 23 : Aaytanit - Kawkaba Bou Aarab 5-km dirt road from Aaytanit to Qaraoun Lake 5-km dirt road segment in Majdel Balhis
Section 24 : Kawkaba Bou Aarab - Rachaiya 5-km dirt road from the Hill of Hafoufa to Eez el Arab
Section 25 : Rachaiya - Hasbaiya

3-km footpath from Ain Atta to Khalwat el Kfair